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Reinforcement of shelter and assistance to women VOTs

A central part of the Nordic Baltic project is to increase cooperation and exchange on the best ways to ensure that all women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation receive the assistance and support they need - in all Nordic and Baltic countries.

Assistance, including shelter and housing, must be ensured both in the host countries and in the receiving countries. Consequently, an important part of the regional network meetings have concentrated on developing and exchanging experiences in different areas that have a critical impact on the level and quality of assistance that can be provided to women VOTs.

On the one hand there is a need for increased exchange between the professionals involved in providing support (social workers, psychologists, medical staff, lawyers, etc). And on the other hand there is a need to adapt and improve the policy frameworks and/or the implementation practice of these, when it comes to for example: identification of women victims of trafficking; residence/legal status and reflection delay; compensation and financial assistance, etc

The Nordic Baltic project financially supports service providing structures in the Baltic countries to initiate or reinforce existing, specialised shelter and assistance programmes for women victims of trafficking. The Nordic countries are expected to provide financing to develop and continue their respective national assistance programmes.

The assistance programmes in place in the region, or under developement in some countries, include a full range of support, such as housing, medical and psychological services, legal advice, social support, training, and assistance for job insertion. To know more about the different service and assistance structures in each country, please consult the country section.