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Assistance programme for women victims of trafficking in Estonia

Name of organisation

Estonian Women’s Shelters Union


Contact person: Eha Reitelmann, Tel. +372 5624 0606

Aims of the project

The aim of the project is to provide shelter and additional services such as psychological, social, legal counselling for victims of trafficking. In 2007, shelters were opened for female trafficking victims in Estonia. The services are offered in three different parts of Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu and the north-eastern part of Estonia.

Target group

The target group is women who have been victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, primarily victims of prostitution. The target group include victims from Estonia who are returning from foreign countries, women who have been trafficked within Estonia and who want to exit prostitution, and finally women who have been brought to/came to Estonia and who wish to exit prostitution.

Description of the activities carried out by Estonian Women’s Shelters Union

The Estonian Women’s Shelters Union offers services to VOT’s in shelters in three different locations in Estonia. The shelters can provide two places each, i e a total of six people can live there at one time.

The shelters will make sure that the medical needs of VOT’s are met, through the governmental health system. Should the VOT not have a valid health insurance, there is a budget of the shelters to pay for additional medical services. Some of the shelters can provide specific health services in the shelters, such as HIV-tests and psychological counselling.

Other services provided are legal and social counseling and assistance with contacts with authorities. All shelters have cooperation with lawyers who can council the victims.

The shelters will also help the VOT to receive the status of unemployed person and/or access employment services, in order to reintegrate in society.