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Assistance programme for women victims of trafficking in Iceland

There is no coherent government assistance program specifically for victims of trafficking. And as no VOT has yet been defined, there is no official process in place in temrs of who decides whether she/he is entitled to assistance or not. Nor is it determinded if there will be any specific conditions for having access to assistance and services

At this stage, there is not one single organisation or assistance structure that is responsible for the coordination of the practical provision of services and assistance to the women VOT.

However, the government provides funding for the Women’s Shelter and for Stígamót, the country’s counseling and information center for survivors of sexual violence, and the rape crisis center of the National Hospital.

Some NGOs provide counseling and shelter to women and children who have been victims of violence or sexual abuse, including victims of trafficking. The Human Rights Center and Intercultural Center also assist with trafficking cases and make referrals.

Contact organisation


Contact details

Hverfisgötu 115

IS - 105 Reykjavik

Tel: 354 5111323

Fax: 354 5626857

Contact person: Guðrún Jónsdóttir


Aims of organisation

The centre Stígamót opened in 1990 and is a centre for women who are victims of all forms of sexual violence. Stígamót mainly works with incest and rape, but also increasingly with pornography and prostitution.

The aims of the organization are twofold: to provide counseling and information to victims of sexual violence and also to do political and societal work and to raise awareness of the problem of sexual violence.

Target group

All women who are victims of sexual violence, including women victims of trafficking.

Description of the activities carried out by organization

Stígamót offers individual counseling and support to victims of sexual violence, as well as information about their judicial and social rights. If the women turning to Stígamót wishes to report to the police, Stígamót will support her through the police hearing and court proceedings.

The counseling and information also extends to families and partners of victims of sexual violence.

Stígamót organize self-help groups for victims of different sorts of sexual violence and has an "open house" all weekdays, which means that visitors can drop in for a talk or a cup of coffee.

In 2002 a total of 440 persons sought support at Stígamót. Out of them 255 were seeking help for the first time. The amount of counseling hours in 2002 was 1715.

Over the years Stígamót has acquired a great expertise in the field of sexual violence. Stígamót collects statistics on survivors, perpetrators, type of abuse, effect of the abuse etc. and use this information when informing public and professionals about sexual violence.

The services that Stígamót provides to victims of sexual violence are all free of charge. The centre is financed through state or local grants and their own fundraising.