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Assistance programme for women victims of trafficking in Latvia

In Latvia laws provide for special protection to victims of grave crimes, which can include trafficking in human beings. A commission containing a social worker, psychologist, doctor, lawyer and policeman decides on whether a woman is entitled to assistance or not.

RSW “Marta” is responsible for coordination of the practical provision of services and assistance to women VOT. Marta cooperates with a team of professionals as well as state and municipality institutions and NGOs.

RSW Marta also cooperates with IOM for women VOTs returning to Lativa. IOM provides the funding, while RSW Marta coordinates the services and support.


Marta Centrs/Resource Centre for Women “Marta”


Address: Brivibas str. 183/2 - 30, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia

Tel: 371 7378539

Fax: 371 7378538

Contact person: Nikola Dzina


Aims of organization

RSW “Marta” aims at providing shelter and all necessary services for women who are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, based on a victim-centered approach.

The mission of all work carried out by RSW “Marta” is to promote gender equality and to protect the rights of Latvian women. Apart support for victims of trafficking, the organization also aims at facilitating the social integration of low-income women, develop broad cooperation between women’s organizations and facilitate a network of cooperation between women’s organizations in Latvia, influence and monitor processes of political development.

Target group

The target group is all women who are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. This includes Latvian women returning to Latvia, trafficking victims within Latvia and foreign women who have been trafficked into Latvia.

Description of the activities carried out by RSW “Marta”

RSW “Marta” provides practical services and assistance to VOT’s. Based on the specific needs of each victim, an individual rehabilitation program is developed.

RSW “Marta” has a team of professionals tied to the organization, including social workers, social assistants, psychologists, doctors and lawyers, to help rehabilitation and reintegration of VOT’s. RSW “Marta” also cooperates with other specialists (gynecologists, psychiatrist etc.) as well as State and Municipality institutions and NGOs.

RSW “Martha” has an anonymous flat which serves as a shelter for short term rehabilitation. Preparatory work is being done in order to be able to provide shelters on the countryside for long-term rehabilitation to VOT’s.

Other planned activities include putting in place a telephone hotline for VOT’s.