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Assistance programme for women victims of trafficking in Norway

The Ministry of Justice has designated Rosa as the national coordinator for assistance for women victims of trafficking. ROSA was established in January 2005 bas part of the national action plan against trafficking 2003-2005, and has since assisted almost 250 women.

The ROSA project was established in January 2005, and came about after the Secretariat of the Shelter Movement was given a mandate to implement the measures concerning help and protection according to the Plan of Action.

Name of organisation

ROSA-prosjektet/ROSA project


Storgata 11,

NO- 0155 Oslo

Tel : 47 22331160

Fax: 47 23010301

Contact person : Unni Kiil and Maya Brenna Nielsen

Aims of the organization

ROSA aims at providing safe shelters, help, information and guidance for women who are victims of trafficking. This is being provided in cooperation with crisis centres that provide the shelters, public authorities and other partners.

Following the Palermo protocol, the Norwegian Government decided on their first action plan to combat trafficking in women and children in 2003 (2003 - 2005) with the aim of protecting the victims of trafficking.

The action plan was the background to the ROSA project, which started up on 1 January 2005. The main mission is to coordinate help services for foreign women in Norway who are victims of trafficking.

In fall 2005 the Norwegian government launched a new action plan. The plan contains stronger and updated measures that will be implemented from 2006 – 2009.

ROSA is run by the Secretariat of the shelter movement (Krisesentersekretariatet) in Norway, which is the association of women’s shelters in Norway. The project is financed by the Department of Justice and Police.

Target group

All women who are victims of trafficking and who wish to receive help.

Description of the activities carried out by organisation

ROSA works with finding safe shelters for victims of trafficking. From January 2005 and up to the end of 2007 more than 15 shelters have lodged victims of trafficking. In each of the shelters there is an appointed contact person who is in charge of information and following up.

Health services and social care is being provided as well as information about their rights and access to help services. All women will be provided with money for living, health care and legal aid. In Norway all victims of trafficking have the right to receive assistance by a lawyer for 5 hours before they report the case to police. There are also opportunities to get access to Norwegian classes by daytime, as well as other activities (courses in different subjects).

If the victim wishes to press charges against the traffickers ROSA offers support in meeting with the police. Everyone working with these questions have absolute duty of silence. All services provided by ROSA are free of charge.

Other activities include awareness raising, in providing information about trafficking through a telephone service, the website (, and through information and training to other organizations working with victim of trafficking.

The ROSA telephone line is often contacted, mainly by lawyers, using the expertise that is focused in the project, women’s shelters, NGOs and public authorities, such as police and immigration authorities. There are also a lot of calls from private persons; students, customers and other persons who want to know more about the subject. ROSA is frequently in contact with journalists and researchers. On few occasions victims of trafficking have contacted ROSA themselves. The requests of giving shelter to victims of trafficking will mainly come from the police, lawyer or the reception centres for asylum seekers.

For the ROSA guide to assisting women who are victims of human trafficking, please click here. This guide provides information on assistance and help to women victims of trafficking for prostitution, and the rights they are entitled to. The guide is intended for people who come into contact with trafficked women, staff in organisations who want an overview of rights and contact possibilities, as well as women victims of human trafficking and who want/consider receiving help.

The ROSA project was evaluated in 2008. The evaluation, from August 2008, is available here.