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Assistance programme for women victims of trafficking in Sweden

There is no single coherent organization to meet the needs of victims of trafficking in Sweden. Victims of trafficking are being assisted through a chain of cooperation between the police and specialized prostitution units, which is a part of the Social Service and exist in the three largest cities of Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Women’s shelters are involved on an ad hoc basis, to meet the needs of housing.

At the moment there are movements to create a closer and more coherent structure, inspired by the ROSA project in Norway but adjusted to the particularities of Sweden. The Swedish Women’s Lobby is coordinating a closer cooperation between the two largest women’s shelter organizations (ROKS and SKR) to increase the capacity for housing and assistance.

Name of organisation

The Swedish Women’s Lobby

Contact details

Contact person: Karin Snabb

Tel: 46 8335247

Email: karin.snabb(at)

Aims of organisation

The Swedish Women’s Lobby (SWL) is a politically and religiously independent umbrella organisation for women’s non-governmental organisations in Sweden. The aim is to integrate women’s perspectives into all political, economical and social processes, locally as well as internationally. SWL work to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls and to build and strengthen solidarity among women through information, education and awareness raising activities.

Name of organisation

Women’s Shelter Iris / The National Organization for Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Shelters in Sweden (ROKS)

Contact details

Contact person: Eva Engman

Tel: 46 703624469

Email: eva.engman(at)

Aims of organisation

The National Organization for Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Shelters in Sweden (ROKS) is a feminist organisation, which promotes the common interests of women’s shelters in Sweden and their work on men’s violence against women. Around 95 women’s shelters are members in the organisation.

Iris, created in 1981, is a women’s shelter in charge of the Luleå Council. It aims at helping and supporting women and children who have been submitted to psychological and/or physical violence, sexual abuse, threats and humiliation.

Name of organisation

Prostitutionsenheten, Socialtjänstförvaltningen, Stockholms stad / The Prostitution Unit, Social services, City of Stockholm

Contact details

Contact person : Agneta Borg

Högbergsgatan 27 nb

SE - 116 20 Stockholm

Tel : 46 707925651

Email : prosmail(at)

Aims of organization

The overarching aim of the Prostitution Unit is to help people in prostitution and to reduce prostitution in society. This goal is being pursued through a number of activities and through preventive action.

Client profile

The Prostitution Unit turns to women and men who are or who have been in prostitution or have similar experiences, and also to the families of those. Men who are buyers of sexual services can also turn to the prostitution unit.

Description of the activities carried out by organization

The Prostitution Unit in Stockholm is a partner in the Prostitution Counseling network, which is a cooperation between the Social Services in the three big cities in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

The work of all the Prostitution Units is based on the needs of each individual who is contacting them. The kinds of services provided are support and help with contacts with authorities, rehabilitation of drug abuse or other forms of abuse, contact with doctors, help to find employment or studies.

The Unit provides services by a midwife, gynecologist and doctor. A visit to a midwife or gynecologist is often combined with a meeting with one of the social secretaries of the unit.

The social secretaries at the Prostitution Unit also do outreach work, going to the women in prostitution, offering them support as well as information on health issues. The social secretaries can also be the link to another public authority and/or NGO.

The Prostitution Unit offers a counseling telephone service for buyers of sexual services.

Nationell Myndighetssamverkansplan för stöd till personer utsatta för människohandel 2007 - PDF

National plan of authorities’ cooperation on support for victims of trafficking. Text in Swedish.