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National situation and policy developments

In 2002 the government adopted an Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Women. In September 2005 the Ministry of Social Affairs officially added trafficking in children as an appendix to the action plan.

The Government adopted a new Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Human beings 2007–2010 and the budget for funding anti-trafficking measures was set at 70 million Danish kronor (about 9 million euros).

In 2006, police conducted more than 35 trafficking investigations. During the first nine months, at least three persons were convicted under the anti-trafficking law, and 30 persons were convicted under the sexual procurement law.

The government fund NGO’s that provides social, medical, and legal services to trafficking victims.

As part of the action plan all VOTs shall be offered a “prepared return-programme”, including cooperation with the receiving country. Hence, the government is responsible for the general structures and that the aim of the action plan is fulfilled.

Moreover, as part of the action plan, a ’Centre against human trafficking’ is being established, and this centre will have the responsibility for safe returns and network building in the receiving countries concerning implementation at the concrete level. There is an official network organised by the department for gender equality consisting of all actors in the area, where informal as well as formal cooperation is established and where information is shared on a regular basis.

Some legal provisions

The Danish law criminalizes trafficking and provides for a maximum prison term of eight years for those convicted of trafficking in human beings.

Reflection period for VOTs: 100 days.

Residence permits for VOTs: VOTs can receive temporary residence permits, but only as asylum of humanity, not because of the fact that they are victims of trafficking. Such permits are not conditional on cooperation in criminal proceedings.