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National situation and policy developments

The second plan of action to combat human trafficking is for the period 2006 to 2009 with a budget of approxiamately €11 million. The novelties in the action plan were amongst all the extension of the reflection period for victims of trafficking. The plan also focuses on the demand side, limiting demand for women and children for sexual exploitation through awareness raising measures aimed at men who buy sexual services.

Some legal provisions

Since 2003 the Norwegian law specifically prohibits trafficking in persons, with sentences of up to five years and up to ten years for aggravated cases. Traffickers can also be charged under other laws, such as slavery probitions.

Reflection period for VOTs: 6 months. During the reflection period victims of human trafficking will be given an opportunity to assess their situation and to decide whether they wish to co-operate with the police in investigating and prosecuting the organisers. They will also be provided with practical assistance and counselling, and safe places to stay. The reflection period is a legal stay in Norway for 6 months and also includes permit to work.

Residence permits for VOTs: If the police, an NGO or the woman herself says that she is a VOT, this is enough to give her a temporary residence permit. If she wants to cooperate with the police, such a permit can be prolonged up to one more year if the police need her in the criminal proceedings. After this period has expired she must apply for asylum in the common way. If she does not fulfil the conditions for asylum, there will always be consideration of residence on humanitarian grounds.

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